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Women's Crisis Shelter

The Women's Crisis Shelter was established in August 1995 as a shelter for women victims of domestic violence and their children .
 The Shelter, which located in the north of Israel, take care of women and children who escape to the Shelter from all over Israel.

The Shelter's mission is to provide physical and emotional protection for its residents, and to take care of the various needs of the women and children who come to the Shelter. 

The Shelter aims to empower, take care of, and rehabilitate the women that come to the Shelter, so that they will be able to choose a life for themselves and for their children that is free of violence, fear, and oppression.

During their stay at the Shelter, the residents are given the time, support, and guidance necessary in order to consider non-violent options to the various aspects of their lives.

During 2021, fourty-four women and fourty-onechildren were treated at the Shelter. In addition, another three women with their children resided at the in-transit apartment operated by the Shelter. Both - Shelter and in-transit apartment - were full most of the days during the year. 

The Women's Crisis Shelter is the only shelter in Israel that has been defined as a multi-cultural organization. The organization is treating both Arabs and Jews, in addition to treating new immigrants. In order to provide culturally sensitive services for the women and their children, the Shelter staff is comprised of Jews, Arabs, new immigrants and native Israelis.  In addition, our many volunteers are multi-ethnic and multi-lingual.

The organization's main accomplishments:

a. Thousands women and children who suffered domestic violence have found a safe haven in the Shelter since it was established.

b. The Women's Crisis Shelter model, which is available and gives services around the clock (24/7), was adopted by the Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs and implemented in all of the shelters in Israel.

c. The Shelter developed and implemented a unique model for a multicultural shelter that offers culture-sensitive services for every woman, regardless of religion, nationality, race, or color. This is a unique and valuable coexistence model in times of crisis in Arab-Jewish relationships.


Your donation to the Shelter will be used for the sole purpose of financing services, products and activities for the Shelter's residents!

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